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We are an inclusive school where every child in our care really does matter. As an excellent school, we pride ourselves in having a hardworking and committed team of professionals who strive to achieve the highest standards possible within an environment of love and care. This ensures that all our children are able to experience high levels of self-esteem gained through achieving their personal potential. We want your children to be happy, hardworking and successful and we will challenge and encourage their learning during their time in school. Our philosophy is of a child centred approach to education. This approach leads us to provide learning opportunities that start with what children already know, reproduce real-life experiences, and encourage children to think imaginatively and make choices intelligently. The ethos within our school is purposeful, calm and happy. Hallmark School School is a school in which there is pride and order. These features are achieved through discipline, high expectations, courtesy and imagination. We want to work with parents to achieve success for every child in our care.

Meg Nwobia




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