Hallmark School deploys a blend of Nigeria/British curricula using a carefully structured scheme that combines learning and play, individual exploration and group activities. These will inspire children to grow their highest potential and while learning and expanding their horizons and personalities.

In the Nursery Section at Hallmark School, we take a comprehensive approach to reading; this method combines both letter recognition and phonics. The system exposes the children not only to early reading but also prepares them for transition into primary school.

Other Subjects like number readiness, science, social studies etc. are also taught in a play way ambience and method.

Pupils are exposed to both the practical aspects of Natural Science and the basics of Elementary Mathematics and Logical Reasoning.

Children are also given an opportunity to explore and develop their Original thinking abilities and creativity through instructions on

Drawing/Fine Art, Painting, Music and Dancing (Western and African Dance).

All the classes are filled with toys that teach through interactive play. This learning experience is done under the supervision of

our well-motivated, absolutely- committed and lovingly-caring teachers, whose encouragement and gentle, but still persuasive, suggestions add even more to the children’s learning.